83 Pirie Street Testimonial

Julian Charlesworth, Project Director
Cbus Property


I write this letter to commend the RCP team for its roles as project manager and project programmer,
together with its additional contract administration roles of superintendent and independent certifier,
on the highly successful 83 Pirie Street, Adelaide, project, for which Cbus Property was the principal and

It is a credit to RCP and the broader project team, that this industry-leading next-generation office tower
– one of Australia’s first all-electric office towers and Adelaide’s most sustainable office tower – was
delivered on budget and approximately three months ahead of schedule.

It is important to also appreciate that what was an already complex project was made even more so
with construction commencing in the second year of the global COVID-19 pandemic and at a time when
interstate borders were closed. This prevented me and other key members of the Cbus Property team
from travelling regularly to Adelaide between March 2020 and November 2021, which in turn prevented
us from being able to attend important meetings and to generally monitor quality and progress, in

RCP was able to act as our eyes and ears on the ground and made sure to provide timely updates and
reporting to our project stakeholders.

The project programming services provided by RCP provided great value to the project by carefully
considering and illustrating the key activities and pathway to timely completion. The programming
services and status reporting during the construction phase provided a valuable independent
assessment of the contractor’s progress in relation to the contract program and this information was
beneficial when COVID-19-related delay claims required assessment.

With RCP’s assistance, a cohesive and high-performing team environment was established for all
stakeholders, where everyone worked diligently to obtain the best outcomes for the project, whilst being
respectful of the constraints imposed by COVID-19.

I congratulate the RCP project team for the comprehensive level of service provided and its significant
contribution to achieving the successful delivery and commercial outcomes for the 83 Pirie Street
project and Cbus Property in general.

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