The University of Adelaide, Dental Simulation


The University of Adelaide


RCP’s South Australian team has a long history of completing various projects for the University of Adelaide. In December 2011, RCP (through its South Australia subsidiary) was engaged by the University of Adelaide in connection with the Dental Simulation Training Facility project which was funded by both federal grants and directly by the University of Adelaide.

RCP was responsible for front end briefing and scoping to enable the facility to align with revised academic teaching requirements. RCP also coordinated the delivery of the works and supply contracts. This included managing the procurement of five different medical supply contracts, and the integration of these with the construction contracts. This process required detailed management of various stakeholder groups during design, and forward planning of detailed commissioning programmes to avoid issues during install. RCP also oversaw the implementation of mock up simulators with involvement of all contractors and suppliers to avoid abortive works risk.

The facility was to be used by multiple end users with different project requirements. It was the responsibility of RCP to manage the various end user groups and find a best fit approach for all.

Acting as project manager, RCP’s scope of services included: