Tipton RO Plant


Arrow Energy

Arrow Energy is a privately owned company focused on the exploration, extraction and use of coal seam gas. The company produces gas from fields in the Surat Basin in South East Queensland and the Bowen Basin in central Queensland.

The Tipton West joint venture project is located in the Surat Basin with gas sales contracts to supply Braemar 1 and 2 Power Stations.

As part of the gas producing process, Arrow draws water from coal seams deep underground. From 1 November 2011, it was no longer environmentally acceptable to use evaporation dams as a suitable means of disposal of this water.

During 2011, Arrow began construction of a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant to enable the treatment of water from the Tipton gas field and extended pilot programs and to facilitate the drawdown of the existing dams within a three year period for retrospective compliance.

RCP was engaged by Arrow to provide scheduling services for the construction of the Tipton RO Plant. This included the production of a Master Program including design and contractor procurement. During construction, services included weekly reporting on the scheduling process and variance from baseline and attending weekly review meetings with the Tipton RO Project Team to gather data and provide updates. Site visits were also undertaken, meeting with contractors to verify scheduling progress and forecasts.

(Images reproduced courtesy Arrow Energy Pty Ltd)